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Great Leaders: Lord Reith | Morning ROAR V3.10


To celebrate the month of February, the Morning ROAR will be highlighting some of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. Today, we’ll be examining John Charles Walsham Reith, the British broadcasting executive that transformed radio into a means of educating the masses.

In This Episode…

  • Reith’s union of education and entertainment in radio
  • Balancing ambition with a strong set of values.

Today’s ROAR Thought:

Reith’s drive to make a change has not gone unnoticed. His innovations in news and radio broadcasting paved the way to the society we live in today, in which news and information is transferred almost instantaneously through multiple mediums. What makes Reith especially impressive was his unwillingness to compromise of his morals, despite his desire to get ahead.


50 Leaders Who Changed the World by Charles Phillips


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