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The Average Of The Five People | Morning ROAR V3.36

You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Whether or not you realise it, the people that you surround yourself with set your standards. Sticking with people that tear you down is not conducive to success, while admirable individuals will elevate you directly or indirectly.

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To Be Fine You’ve Got To Do The Time | Morning ROAR V2.17


The desire to succeed is engrained into each and every one of us. So what prevents people from finding success? More often than not, success eludes us because of our existing ideas of what success means

In This Episode…

  • How is it possible to be successful after being faced with multiple failures?
  • Correcting our misconceptions of what success means.

Today’s ROAR Thought:

Be willing to change what your definitions of success once were. Success comes in many forms; sometimes, rather than achieving an initial goal, success means transforming into a better individual.


Outro spoken by Ashlyn Nicole Selich.The soundtrack for each episode of Morning ROAR is produced by Dave Carter.
Thank you for your amazing work Ashlyn and Dave!

Special Thanks:

This podcast is made possible by the amazing work and brilliance of Morning ROAR’s audio engineer, Jerson Obial.

How You Can Help:

I really hope that this podcast is helping you think about how important your time is. I know it is helping me get a clearer idea on my own values, as well as challenging me to think about where I am spending my time.

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How Can I Help You?

What do you need help with right now? How can I help you? Let me know. The reason I am being so bold to ask this is because I believe only a small number of people reading this right now are at a point where they are ready to take action. Are you one of those people?  

Now, Let’s Make Today Count!

What are you doing today, right now, that is contributing towards your goal? Share it in the comments and make it real, make it accountable.