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The Average Of The Five People | Morning ROAR V3.36


You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Whether or not you realise it, the people that you surround yourself with set your standards. Sticking with people that tear you down is not conducive to success, while admirable individuals will elevate you directly or indirectly.

In This Episode…

  • Creating grander visions and ideas for our own futures
  • Building relationships that are healthy in your own personal growth.

Today’s ROAR Thought:

Above all, experience is everything. In business, it dictates whether or not your customer will continue doing business with you. In our personal lives, it is what makes people gravitate toward us or avoid us entirely. For the entrepreneur, these two areas of life interweave intimately; therefore it is important to always be a person that you’d like to interact with.


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This podcast is made possible by the amazing work and brilliance of Morning ROAR’s audio engineer, Jerson Obial. I would also like to extend a very special thanks to Morning ROAR’s executive assistant, Meghan Boilard, Both team members mentioned are crucial to the Morning ROAR team and we could not be luckier to have them with us.

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I really hope that this podcast is helping you think about how important your time is. I know it is helping me get a clearer idea on my own values, as well as challenging me to think about where I am spending my time.

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